Reducing Licensing Costs of Enterprise Software

Many companies are spending much more for software licensing than they need to. Companies frequently buy enough licenses for every computer in the company. This is an unnecessary expense. For a small business, the costs can be too much to purchase software for every computer. Taking a look at the actual usage of licensed enterprise program is a good idea when attempting to save money on enterprise software.

Whatever the industry, most companies struggle with the same question: What computer and software will work best for my company? They need a system that works seamlessly with the various departments within the company, is affordable and is easy to use. Business owners may find the sheer complexity and variety of options to be overwhelming. With the right amount of research, however, it can be fairly easy to find programs that meet the needs of the company and stay within budgetary guidelines. Some of the factors that must be taken into account are the individual needs of the company, security, ease of use, cost, time to install and setup, reliability and compatibility with vendors and other companies. An important step that often gets skipped is to write a list of features that the decision maker wants in the software. These needs are different for every business. When it is known what is needed, then a side by side comparison can be made with different software options.

It is very likely that not everyone in the office is using a particular type of software. For example, it is not cost effective to purchase accounting software licenses for every computer when only the accounting department will use this particular program. For some users within the company, only a simple office suite is necessary to complete their job. If this is the case, significant savings can be found by using alternatives to Microsoft Office. These alternatives may be significantly lower in cost, or even free to use.

There are three different types of options available to business associates making software decisions:-open source software, freeware, and proprietary software. There are reasons for and against each type of software and they must be debated when deciding which type of software will be used for a particular business. In order to keep costs down, many businesses use a hybrid solution to their computing needs.

Specialty software licenses should be limited to the small amount of actual users. This can lower licensing costs significantly. Even when using enterprise software throughout the company, it is always best to comparison shop, or take competing bids from vendors. This can ensure that the software both meets the need of the organization and is the most cost effective choice.

Ultimately the decision as to which software is the best for a business cannot be made without taking all of the details of the company into account. There is no software solution that is right for every company and each business must make the choice of which software packages to use.


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  1. I think this article is well written and provides the solution for minimization of cost of the software.

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